drivEvent Driving School

The Driving School was born thanks to Rudy Briani and his passion for the off road.

Since December 2005, the drivEvent Driving School focused 360° on the training and sharing of driving experiences.
The organization provides a complete service for each part of events: planning, comunicazione, car park, equipments and much more.


After many years traveling in Italy and around the World, the Driving School organizes 4 types events:

  • 4×4 Driving Course, Safe and Sport driving and Rally
  • Test drive and Presentation
  • Tour driving 4×4 on asphalt and off road trails in Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Corsica.
  • Incentive and team building dedicated to motors and sports.

In addition to that, the Driving School collaborate in the organization of shows and races.

The headquarter of the School is in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, even if we can organize all our activities and events everywhere.

The school is certified ISO 9001.

Our courses

  • Safe Drive course

  • Safe Drive Course for Companies and Organizations

  • 4×4 Course – 1 day

  • 4×4 Course – 2 days

  • Rally Couse – Step 1

  • Co driving course


The School is equipped with all it needs to organize safe driving courses so pins, stakes, instruments for the data collection  and sheets for braking exercises.


Our headquarter is in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (Lucca).
There are many kilometers of off roads trails, with more technical areas for any kind of exercises.
For the activities on road, there are kilometers of winding roads with various types of asphalt and a ring of about 700 meters.


drivEvent Staff is highly professional and with a very good preparation, some comes from the word of racing competitions and other from mechanic world.


drivEvent Driving School organizes 4X4 AND TRUCKS COURSES in order to respect what required by the DLGS 81/2008. Courses are of different types and for all requests of customers who need a professional training: 4×4 courses, safe drive courses, co driving courses, team building and incentive. The School works since 2006 and has organized courses for the Civil Protection, companies, organizations and associations that works with 4×4 vehicles during their job.

The instructors have many years of experience in 4×4 driving and in training.